(I starting writing this entry on the train trip home yesterday from North Sydney to Newcastle)

Today is my last day at MLC (NAB). After nearly 9 years with the company I am pulling up stumps as my family and I make the sea change to Newcastle.

I am incredibly excited about the move to Newcastle and starting with my new company on Monday. Having said that, there has been plenty to reflect upon over the past couple of weeks. The event of leaving a company has only happened once before in my professional career. It feels profound, not so much for the legacy that I am leaving behind but more because I won’t be interacting on a regular basis with the people that I spent so much time growing and learning with over an extended period. I won’t be sharing experiences any more, working together, getting through challenges, making improvements, experimenting, laughing!

In more recent times, I was fortunate to be part of a great team led by a brilliant manager who taught me much about what it means to really lead. We implemented a step-change in the way our team operated, pushed the boundaries, shook things up, got ourselves into a bit strife every now and then, learnt heaps and came out the other side with a fantastic outcome… Hopefully a sustainable approach to doing things better.

It is also the place that I met my wife, subsequently got married, and had children – all significant life events! The same place where I got myself fit again, gained a taste (and need) for coffee and lost most of the hair on top of my head (… the kids may have a bit to do with that)!

So this is a formal goodbye, but I know we’ll stay in touch!